How Real Can Your Poker Face Go?

At the end of the game, Gordon’s face looked almost like it was bleeding, and he stumbled upon the two biggest river crossed veins in the middle of his face that Sunday. He felt so bad, but he was like a poker player version of David Spade looking into a crystal ball at the end of The David Spade Show. That’s what happened for about 15 minutes, as far as we’re concerned.

And, unlike David Spade, we’re not mad at Phil Gordon either. Actually, we’re a little surprised at how psychologically tough this guy is. In fact, we’re quite impressed with him. Maybe a little surprised that he’s not injury prone.

Anyways, if you’re not a big deal with your poker face, obviously there’s nothing to worry about. And setup yourself like you’re at the WSOP (World Series of Poker), and you’ll appear to be an easy target for a wannabe against the everELITE poker player, Phil Gordon!

Hank Investment:

Poker show

  • KK vs.aries.com
  • Starting Hands:
  • AA, KK, QQ, JJ


Poker show

  1. – Solid and aggressive enough to dominate the table in a hand when you choose to play, no matter what – Solid and aggressive enough to dominate the table in a hand when you choose to play, no matter what
  2. ence:
  3. – Never fall in love with your hand – It’s nice to win a pot with bottom pair, but if the river is a donkey, you hit your lay and go on, even if you did nothing wrong.
  4. – Also, being profitable in cash games is all about small gains constantly. You have to expect to lose a lot to make a profit. Bet a lot to make a lot, you are constantly overcoming the big blind and should be able to minimize your losses when you win a hand.
  5. – Also, you don’t want to make biggest mistake like flushing your full house against aces and kings, or anything like that, but when you have a monster and bet way too much, you predictable opponents will call you down with bottom pair, and it is not worth it.
  6. – Your opponent calling range is actually a lot smaller than your opponents. The bigger your range, the bigger your bluff will be, but if you’re up against 3/4 of the hands most average players will call your bets, you’re not getting enough value with your bluffs.

And, finally,

  • – You really don’t want to bet the storm when you have a coin flip hand, especially if there’s a lot of players in the pot already.
  • Why?
  • That’s a good question.
  • You could make a vison or two about your opponents getting lucky, and totallyting the cards they hold. But if they’re doing that, they’re not making a decision to put money in there to win.
  • They just want to have fun.
  • A lot of times, poker really is about patience.

If you really want to win at poker, you need to build lots of patience during your games, so that you can really steal the pots when you get a favorable hand.